Virtual Nutrition and Fitness Group

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What is a Challenge Group?

Most basically,  a Challenge Group is an online fitness community/group. Ours are usually in a private Facebook group though occasionally we use a tracker app that is designed especially for these groups, where you receive help with the BIG picture of overall health and wellness: Exercise, Nutrition, and Support.


1) Nutrition Did you know that 80 % of your success comes from your nutrition? This is one of our biggest focuses in our group. It is the thing that most people struggle with. We need to learn about portion control, clean eating, and balanced nutrition – how and what to eat to fuel our bodies. We need knowledge and support.

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2) Exercise To help with your results and to get the many benefits that come from exercise, everyone in the group is encouraged to complete an exercise program. What that program is will depend on your likes, your fitness level, your schedule and your goals! Together, we will find the program that fits you.

3) Support This is the thing that separates what we do from just trying to do it on your own, and it is the single thing that helps people to be successful in reaching their goals.

You will have your own, personal one-on-one coach (me) and a group of women who are on this journey with you to guide you, motivate you and support you. You do not have to do any of this alone.

The group also adds a level of accountability. You know that is you don’t show up, you will be missed. So you show up for you and for the others in the group. This will add a whole other level of support to help you achieve those results.

Why do I need a Challenge Group?

Chances are that you have tried to do all of this before, without the success you were looking for. So while the group does focus on nutrition and exercise, it’s the added layers of motivation, support, and accountability that make the difference.

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How does a Challenge Group work?

It’s really pretty simple!

The coach posts daily with a focus for the day. It might be something to make our nutrition a little better,  a workout tip, or something to help us do adequate and appropriate self care.

This is YOUR group though. Friendships are often forged in this small community-like setting.


  • You must be a current customer of one of the inviting coaches.
  • You must check in daily. You will not be allowed to just disappear!!We care about you and your well being and so we won’t let you give up on yourself!

Challenge Group Wrap Up

Challenge Groups have been a game-changer for the participants. Here’s what a few of my customers have had to say:

“Helen cares about your total wellness, not just your physical well-being! She keeps you    up-to-date on new programs and nutrition additions, and is always available to answer any questions you may have. She is a great motivator, and inspires those she works with. Highly recommend!” 

                          – Jodi

“Helen has helped me to countinue building on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.. she shares positive, inspiring, motivational information and has been and continues to be an awesome role model!!” 


“Helen is always willing to help people achieve their fitness goals. What I appreciate about Helen is that she is always working to better herself, so suggestions and advice from her are reliable. Even though she is knowledgeable, she does not pretend to have all the answers – but if you ask her about something she is not familiar with, she will investigate and find information. Above all she is a passionate coach who clearly cares about helping people. She has helped me a lot!”     


Want to know how to get started?? Complete this short form and I will Reach out to you to chat about your goals!!