You are ready to make a change but you just aren’t sure where to start! You are there!! Here you will be encouraged to become the best possible version of YOU by taking care of your health and by learning about YOU.

You’ve had enough of the status quo.

You are ready to work on YOU.

You are ready to find inner happiness, peace, comfort and strength.

Let’s get started!! Please take a moment to read the “About Me” info to see what makes me uniquely qualified to help you. Then contact me and let’s set up a time to talk!

I’m looking forward to meeting you and to developing a a strong and meaningful friendship!

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About Me

Hi there. . . I am Helen, and I am a wellness coach who empowers and inspires women to pursue the best versions of themselves through health and fitness.

It is my mission to help you find your motivation, discover/rediscover your WHY, and create an immediately actionable plan that gets you out of your own way. I know that growth happens when we leave our comfort zones, so I will help you get comfortable with being un-comfortable.

Once you move out of that “safety zone,” you will experience profound change in different areas of your life. By taking care of the physical, we also take care of our mental and emotional selves.

I believe that we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.  I will help you see and achieve what you are truly capable of. . . Challenge your personal limits.

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